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These are some recordings that I've played on, and of some friends bands.
There is now one more left in the Mental Health series to record.

The mp3's are 192kbs conversion.

The Examine Your Mental Health Series:
When I was a kid, I began to have these strange dreams that seemed to build on the dreams from the nights before. I wasn't in them myself, it was more like seeing a movie that I couldn't stop watching. I had them off and on for nearly two years. The last couple of months were the worst as the already disturbing dreams turned into violent, bloody nightmares. The same people were being viciously murdered night after night and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was about nine at the time and at that age, it was scary as hell. I truly dreaded the thought of sleep.
Finally, there was a nightmare where I saw just the face of the man that had caused so much violence - nothing else - just a disembodied head floating in the air. He was looking around as if he was in a state of severe panic. It seemed to last for hours and hours, without him saying or doing anything else. Then, suddenly, it was as if he looked straight through me and softly said

“We didn’t want it to end this way.”

Then I woke up - screaming. But after that night, I never had those dreams again, though I will certainly never forget them.
If you'd had my dreams, I bet you wouldn't forget them either.
Especially the look of terror on Billy's face in that last dream. At least I think it was Billy, it might have been Jimmy, I just know that he wasn't Oscar because Oscar never had fear in his eyes. Rage? Sure, Oscar had plenty of rage, but fear?
This series of songs is about Billy, Jimmy, Oscar and the voices inside that would always be there.
And the people who were unfortunate enough to have known him.
They told me a story and now I want to tell you.

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