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Wally Bill's Bass & Amp Collection

You can click on some of the guitars and amps to open a page with more pictures.

From left: M.V. Pedulla ET Thunderbass, Gibson Thunderbird IV, Alembic Essence, Kay Bass (My very first bass) Next is a Morgan Cross of California version of a '62 Jazz. Then a CF Martin acoustic bass guitar, great for sitting around the campfire jamming with friends. It's pretty loud for an acoustic and plays like you would expect from a Martin.
In back is an Ampeg B15R - it's a 100 watt tube combo sitting on an SVT 15" cabinet....

From left: B.C. Rich 1978 Bodine (pre-Eagle, I think - since it doesn't have the stringers), FrankenBass Flying "V" (started out life as a Wurlitzer, but not much left of that now), Fender American Jazz, Fender American Precision Deluxe, Another BC Rich USA bass, don't remember the model, but it is not the quality of the Bodine - good practice bass though....

My favorite amplifier - a 1971 or 72 "Blue Line" Ampeg SVT. Incredible tone from a heavy monster. It's sitting on an Ampeg 8 x 10 cabinet. My main stage rig. Same 8 x 10 cabinet but with an Ampeg SVT2 Pro amp. 300 watts of all tube power! I still take the Eden amp as a back-up, but I haven't had to use it.
An Ampeg '64 B15N. It may be pretty ratty looking from the front, but the tone is anything but! 25 watts of class A power - this is the amp that drove that Motown sound. Well, maybe not this one, but who knows? I am not the original owner. This particular one has the factory upgrade JBL D130F speaker. It still amazes me that Ampeg made a bass amp 40+ years ago and not only does it still work, but it works and sounds great.
This amp was owned by Ward Erwin who played bass for Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller and others.  
An Ampeg '74 B15N. This one is 30 watts, still not really loud enough for gigs, but it has incredible tone. Great for recording. No speaker in it for the picture. It finally gave out and had to be re-coned. I got this one at CV Lloyds back in the '80s.  
My Eden rig. WT-800 amp on the 6x10 David cabinet. About as loud as the SVT, which is plenty and about 400 lbs lighter. Sweet sound from the tube pre-amp. It's my favorite solid state amp. I use this rig when I need to haul everything in my car. The cabinet fits in the trunk.  
An Ampeg '72 B15N on top of a 1967 B15NC cabinet. A great sounding combination. Has the original 2 x 15" with each speaker in its own enclosure. You may have noticed that I like the Ampeg B15's.  
Fender Bassman 100 tube amp on a 4x12 cabinet. My first rig. Purchased used in 1976. I worked in corn fields all summer to get this amp. It was worth it. Dad drove me up to the First National Guitar Store to finally get it, after months (seemed like years) hoping no one else bought it. I think it was made in '72. Click on the amp for more photos 
My practice rig. A Hartke HA7000 on an Eden 2x10 and a 1x15. I've been very impressed with the David series speakers. These two are several years old, and lotsa gigs, and they still sound and look great. The top cabinet has to be at least fifteen years old.  
This is a Clone of a '59 Fender Bassman that I assembled from a Mojo kit. Works OK for bass at low volumes, but it really smokes when it's cranked up with a Les Paul running through it. And it goes to 12!  

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