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Dynamic Web Site Design and Hosting

"Dynamic" means that your website will change depending on current information and / or user interaction. This is very effective for creating a welcome page for your business. Instead of having the same content every day, you can schedule different promotions to appear on certain days. For instance - you have a different food special for each day of the week, then on that day, the special would appear on your welcome page. This gives your customer the ability to easily see the important items of the day, with the option of clicking a picture or a link to get more information. This is also an excellent way to schedule live entertainment. A page would be dedicated to a schedule of events while the welcome page would show the next weeks bands or two weeks - or however you want. You won't need to change your site every week, you just put in the date the band is playing and your website will update on the correct day!

Wally Bill's websites are fully customized for each business. We will work with you to choose the background colors, photos and all of the layouts to get you started. You will have your own password protected pages that make it easy for you to upload new photos, and to edit the content on your site. Sample Edit Page. No need to send everything off and then wait for someone to change your website. Everything is laid out to make it easy for you to use. We don't use pre-packaged software templates, so the sky is the limit when it comes to your layout. You don't need to know any html coding to edit your site - all of that is all handled by our custom designed for you software.

Included is hosting your website on our server space. We use php, perl and/or javascript along with a database to create your site. Our websites are cell phone friendly as they are designed to conform to the size of the screen your customer is using - you can even have a cell phone specific home page. You can change the size of your browser window for this page to see how the page changes too. No annoying horizontal scroll bars are needed to be able to read the content! We also monitor your website for search engine optimization (SEO) so we will help you make sure that you website appears early in the search engine lists.

You can use your website to update your facebook account. You choose the day you want to post and the message, then the website will post your message on that day, with the name of your band or event, you can even schedule a reminder to post on facebook on the day of the event. No need to worry about getting your message to your facebook friends in a timely manner!

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